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U. S. Congress: Getting Started

Helps you find, evaluate and document sources for your papers and projects.

U.S. House of Representatives Live Proceedings

Provides live video feeds of the U.S. House of Representatives proceedings. Click on a legislative day of interest to watch a video of that days proceedings. Click VIEW WEBSITE to access alternative ways of following daily legislative proceedings.


Watch Hearings, Debates. Speeches

C-SPAN video library  Includes every C-SPAN program aired since 1987. Indexed and searchable by subject, speaker names, titles, affiliations, sponsors, committees, categories, formats, policy groups, keywords, location, and in many cases the full text of closed caption trancriptions. Browse by date, congressional committee, type of event, etc.

How to Find Your Congressperson

Background Sources are located on the first floor of Reinsch Library and do not circulate.

How to Find Your Congressperson

U.S House of Representatives Web Site  Contact information for every Congressperson can be found by selecting a state from the drop down menu, entering a ZIP code, and clicking on the Contact My Representative button.

U.S. Senate Web Site Contact information for every Senator can be found by selecting a state or Senator from the drop down menu. Other interesting biographical and statistical infomation is also available on this site including information regarding the legislative committee process.

MapStats: United States  Congressional Districts profiles can be found by selecting a state from the drop down menu or using the United States map, then clicking on the Congressional Districts link.

Voting Records

The U.S. Congress Votes Database  “Deep database of every vote in the United States Congress since the 102nd Congress (1991). Allows you to browse votes in a variety of ways -- both in aggregate and for individual members of Congress.”

Thomas Roll Call Votes  Roll call votes from 1989 to the present.

CQ Almanac. Roll records  records for key votes are recorded in the Series Appendix section of this of this database.

Congressional Roll Call. REF JK1 .C6635 (Annual)  Chronological analysis of votes in the House and Senate.


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