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Did you know you can get The Chronicle of Higher Education electronically?

There are several ways for Marymount faculty to access the Chronicle electronically.   You can subscribe to emailed newsletters by creating a free account (the link to Create a Free Account is in the upper right corner at Then select the newsletters that you would like to receive. 

If you use Google Reader, you can also set up an RSS feed there. 

Or, another option is to simply bookmark the Chronicle at in your browser. This is only available on campus, but it is the complete edition with online extras, including archive editions.  Off campus, log in to the Database Menu and search for Chronicle of Higher Education in MU e-Journals, then select the Miscellaneous EJournals entry where you will find the full text with no embargo on the current issues. 

News from your Library Liaison


You may be interested in Project Information Literacy's (PIL's) newly released study called
"Learning Curve: How College Graduates Solve Information Problems Once they Join the Workplace."

Here's a link to a PDF of the full report:
(38 pages, 5 MB)

In this study, they ask what happens to the information-seeking behavior of
today's college students once they graduate and enter the workplace. The findings from this exploratory study, which was funded with a planning
grant from IMLS, are based on interviews with 23 different employers in the
U.S. and 33 "recent graduates" from four different college and the
universities, including Harvard College, that we conducted earlier this year.


As academic libraries add more digital content and less print, our ability to share that content between libraries is impacted. This is largely because the Digital Millenium Copyright Act  prevents us from borrowing/lending electronic materials in the same way we do print. In an effort to address this issue, the Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC) has collaborated on leasing a large shared e-book collection that adds 88,000 titles to the Catalog.  The e-books are on EBSCO's e-book platform, and the content supports a variety of disciplines.  This is a pilot, so please let us know what you think of the collection and if you hear from students about it either way.  Unlike individually purchased e-books from each library, the shared collection is labeled "Shared E-Resources Collection" and they are available to the entire WRLC community.


If you have been in the Reinsch Library building recently, you may have noticed some renovations taking place.  As a continuation of last summer's renovations on campus, IT offices have moved into part of the old Learning Resources Center space, the University Archives is now in the remaining space with an entrance on the ground floor within the library (right next door to our old library instruction classroom).


Would you like to know more about open access journals?  In this YouTube video, Nick Shockey and Jonathan Eisen take us through the world of open access publishing and explain just what it's all about and why faculty should care:!


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