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Finding Journals/Articles: Finding Journals


Finding Journals

Click on MU e-Journals under Quick Links on the library home page.

  • Journal title not listed? Search the Catalog. Marymount may have the journal in print. If MU does not subscribe to the journal or does not own the issue/volume/years you need, you can submit a Consortium Loan Service (CLS) request. If the journal is not available at a consortium school, you can submit an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request.
  • Have a citation? Need the article? Use MU e-Journals to see if available.
  • Need to review recent articles in a specific journal? Use MU e-Journals.

Remember! If you are not sure where to start - ask a librarian for help. Stop by the Reference or Circulation desk OR call, chat or email.

Click on Articles & Databases under Quick Links on the library home page to search electronic databases.

  • Use Basic or Advanced Search
  • Enter Keyword or Phrase in search box. Databases default to search by Keyword. Use drop-down arrow to search by a specific field. Often used fields include TEXT, AUTHOR, and SUBJECT TERMS.
  • Apply search limits including DATE LIMITS, PUBLICATION TYPE or SCHOLARLY JOURNALS.

Journal articles may be found by searching an online database. Users may perform a Basic or an Advanced search. Enter a keyword or phrase in the text field. Databases' searches default to keyword searching all fields, but specific fields for searches can be selected with the drop-down arrow. Fields often used include TEXT, AUTHOR, and SUBJECT TERMS. A number of databases offer search limits including DATE LIMITS or PUBLICATION TYPE. Databases' searches can also be limited to only results from scholarly

Click to start!

NOTE: Screen shots and search examples are from Academic Search Complete.


Lower level. Print periodicals are arranged in alpabetical order by title. There are no call numbers.

Journal titles can be looked up in the MU library catalog - limit search to Journal Title. The catalog record will identify if the journal is available and in what format including print.

See Borrowing From Other Libraries for more details on both Consortium Loans and InterLibrary Loans.

The CATALOG contains records of the books, electronic, and audio-visual materials held by Marymount and the other schools in the Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC). Marymount students may request books and articles from any WRLC library to be sent to you at our library. Some electronic resources from WRLC libraries must be viewed onsite at the WRLC library that owns the electronic book. Schools that are members of the WRLC include: American, Catholic, Gallaudet, George Mason, George Washington, Georgetown, and the University of the District of Columbia.

What can be requested? Journal articles that are not owned by Marymount OR are unavailable at Marymount OR cannot be accessed electronically.
How long to get? About 2-3 business days if available.
What if I need it earlier? Take appropriate MU student ID to consortium library for the book or journal. Call ahead to ensure the book or journal is available!  
How will I receive the article? You will be notified by email when a PDF of the article is sent to your library account. As soon as possible download and save the PDF. After a few days the PDF will be removed from your library account!

Interlibrary loan (often called ILL) is different from a Consortium Loan (CLS) -- ILL is borrowing a book, library resource or article NOT AVAILABLE at Marymount University or at another school in the Consortium. 
Before requesting an item through ILL Check the CATALOG to see if the book is available in hard copy at Marymount University or at another school in the Consortium. If it is at another school in the Consortium, use the Catalog to request it through CLSIF you place a request for an ILL and the material is available through CLS, your request may be returned to you, so it is in your best interest to check first. Consortium resources labeled Restricted Circulation can be requested whole or by section as an ILL. See BORROWING FROM OTHER LIBRARIES/WRLC Restricted Circulation.

You will be notified by email when a PDF of the article is sent to your library account. As soon as possible download and save the PDF. After a few days the PDF will be removed from your library account!

Click on CATALOG under Quick Links on the library home page.

  • Lower Level. Microfilm/microfiche are in file drawers on the Lower Level directly ahead as you exit the elevator.
  • Reader/print machines are also available in this area. Please see a librarian at the Reference Desk on the first floor if you need help using the reader/print machines.

Help Getting to the Articles!

To view the full text of the article, click on either the or link. Every database has its own symbols for full text articles and you will need to review the icons to see which is the full text icon.

If the full text of an article is not available in a particular database, click on  to see if Marymount has electronic access to the journal in another database. If Marymount provides electronic access to the journal in another database, a page will open pre-formatting the search for full text availability. Click on the ARTICLE button to connect to the database with full text. Usually you are connected directly to the article.

Need more help on using FIND-IT? Click here!

If a journal is not available electronically from the FindIt link, click on SEARCH BY ISSN to see if Marymount or a consortium library owns the print or microfiche. 

Scroll down the list of results to see if MU owns the title --

  1. Look for MU.  Only at a consortium library? See Borrowing From Other Libraries .
  2. Note that the date listed is the date the publication began, not what MU or a consortium library has available. Open the catalog record to see the dates available at the library.
  3. Click on the title link to open the catalog record for the journal.

If you have a citation, search  MU e-Journals under Quick Links from MU library home page to see if full-text articles from a journal are available electronically. 

REMEMBER! Journal not available electronically? Search the Catalog to see if Marymount owns the hard copy of the journal. If Marymount does not subscribe to the journal or does not own the issue/volume/years you need, you can borrow from another library.


Dall, T. M., Yiduo, Z., Chen, Y. J., Quick, W. W., Yang, W. G., & Fogli, J. (2010). The Economic Burden Of Diabetes. Health Affairs, 29(2), 297-303.

STEP 1 - Click MU e-Journals under Quick Links from MU library home page.

STEP 2 - On TITLE page, type journal title in box and mark box for TITLE BEGINS WITH then click SEARCH.

STEP 3 - Search result will provide a list of databases where the journal is available electronically. Watch available dates to make sure you select a database that covers date of article you are trying to find!  Watch available dates.  Select the database by clicking on it.

STEP 4 - When the journal page opens, type the title of the article in the search box and click on SEARCH

STEP 5 - A list of results from the search will open. Click on Full text - PDF to access the article.

Google Scholar can also provide an alternative for finding an article from a citation. Entering Google Scholar from Articles & Databases under Quick Links on the MU library home page ensures that the Google Scholar search is set to recognize rights to Marymount databases.


Rizkalla, C. E., & Savage, A. (2011). Impact of Seawalls on Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta) Nesting and Hatching Success. Journal of Coastal Research, 27(1), 166-173.

STEP 1 - Click Articles & Databases under Quick Links on the MU library home page. Under "G" find GOOGLE SCHOLAR.

STEP 2 - Enter search terms in Google Scholar search box. Use article title or part of title in quotation marks, then also enter at least one last name of author.

STEP 3 - Review results for article. If article found, look to the right of the search result to see if the article is available through a MU database.


STEP 4 - Click on Link to Full Text to find the article. Window will open showing the databases where the full text is available. Notice that the search information (Year/Volume/Issue/Start Page) are pre-formatted. Choose one to search.

Need to find a recent article from an academic journal related to your course?

STEP 1:  Start in MU e-Journals. Find journal title of interest. Select database to open journal. Make sure the date range is to the present.






   Find-it provides a one click step to finding if a journal article is available as a full-text PDF through another database. If your citation does not have a full text option, click on Find-It


Remember, Marymount Library does NOT have full text access to every article in every database, so your options include getting the article from another library, which may take a few days.

For more information, see Find Articles Using Find-it.


Helpful Database Tools!

Most databases offer useful tools including

  • CITE Choose the desired citation form to copy and paste to bibliography. [More on citing sources.]
  • EMAIL Article link for ease in finding again.
  • PRINT Article

Samples of ProQuest Research Library and Academic Search Complete are displayed below.

ProQuest Research Library tools are located in the in the blue tool bar just under search result line on both the full result list or individual results.


Academic Search Complete tools are located to the right hand side of individual results.              

Most databases offer search limits including DATE LIMITS, PUBLICATION/SOURCE TYPE, or SCHOLARLY PUBLICATIONS.

Samples of Academic Search Complete and ProQuest Research Library are displayed below.


Ask A Librarian

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