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Use Proquest Historical Newspapers: Basic Information

A guide to finding archived resources in the ProQuest Historical Newspapers -- New York Times (Historical) and the Washington Post (Historical).

Just a reminder ...

When searching historical newspapers remember to

  • broaden dates of search to reflect time it took to get news events to print 
  • limit search to articles or type of article if you want to limit advertising results
  • think of keywords in terms of how the news of that historical time would have treated it.

ProQuest Historical Newspapers Online

The ProQuest Historical Newspapers database provides online access to the historical archives of the New York Times and the Washington Post. Individual articles, ads, etc. can be displayed as well as the context of an entire page of the newspaper. As past years are archived, the years covered are expanded.

Historical Newspapers: New York Times

Historical Newspapers: Washington Post

Each archived collection of the New York Times (Historical) or the Washington Post (Historical) can be searched independently or through a combined search process. A combined search process is completed by using the CHANGE in blue top header and scrolling to select both ProQuest historical newspapers. However, these historical newspaper databases cannot be combined with other non-historical databases.

NOTE: Selecting these databases will default to the basic search screen. Limits to a basic search are done using features to the right of the results list of a search. Another option is to set the search limits concurrent with the search by using the advanced search option.

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