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AA 382 Merchandise Plan/Analysis: Books & eBooks

Books and eBooks

You can search for books and eBooks in MULibrary Search directly in the search box below. This page contains helpful tips for locating these materials for your specific program.

If you need help finding or accessing a book or eBook, contact a librarian.

An introduction to MULibrary Search

Call Number Areas for Browsing

Interested in fashion books but don't know exactly what you're looking for? Would you rather browse the shelves than search our ?

Here is a list of some Fashion Call Numbers so that you can find the fashion sections in the library and browse through the shelves until you find something interesting!

GT 500 - 2370 Costume. Dress. Fashion
HD 9720 - 9975 Manufacturing industries
HF 1 - 6182 Commerce
NC 1 - 1940 Drawing. Design. Illustration
NK 1 - 999 Decorative Arts
NK 4700 - 4890 Costumes
NK 8800 - 9505.5 Textile
TR 1 - 1050 Photography
TS 1 - 2301 Manufactures
TS 1300 - 1865 Textile industries
TT 490 - 695 Clothing manufacture. Dressmaking. Tailoring
TT 697 - 927 Home arts. Homecrafts Including sewing, embroidery, decorative crafts

Loan Periods

Need to borrow a laptop for class? Planning a game night with board games? Need to know how long you can borrow a book for? Check out our loan periods chart! You can find all the materials we loan out and how long you can borrow them by clicking on the link below!

How to access materials available online using MULibrarySearch

Wondering how to simplify your results in MULibrarySearch?  Try one of the filters demonstrated below:

Suggested Titles