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Faculty: Counseling: Surveys and Questionnaires

This guide highlights library resources for faculty working in the area of Counseling.


Finding Measures using APA PsycNET

APA PsycNET  Indexes journal articles, book chapters, books, dissertations, and technical reports in the field of psychology and the psychological aspects of related disciplines.

You can find tests or measurement tools by using the PsycTESTS portion of PsycNET. Put the subject in the first search box and if you want to find references that include the actual scale or measure, put a check in box lableled Full-Text Test.



This tutorial  also shows you how to use PsycTESTS.


You can locate additional measures by entering the name of the subject, survey or instrument or the type of measure you need in the first box.  Enter terms like questionnnaire, measurement, scale or inventory in the second box and change the In box to  Tests & Measures.

Connect to the full text of the article and scroll to the end of the article to see surveys, measures, etc. that were used and follow the references for them.


 This tutorial will show you how to do these types of searches.

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