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Fair Use and Copyright in the Classroom: Let's Review

A Quiz

1. It's permissible to post a digital streaming copy of a film on my Canvas site, isn't it?

2. I can show a DVD I brought from home  at a University fashion club meeting.

3.  I can photocopy a short story from a book and hand it out in class.

4.  It's ok to put a copy of a great article I read in the mailboxes of my colleagues?

5.  Yesterday I saw a chart in an article that will fit nicely into a class I am teaching next fall. Can I keep it and hand it out in class then? 

6. I created a blog for my class, and students are posting articles, political cartoons, etc. and discussing them online. Because it's for a class, my understanding is that it's legal.

7. The webpage I want to borrow text from doesn’t have a copyright notice on it, so I’m free to use it.

8. I found content from my course slides on a site called Course Hero, uploaded by someone I don't know. What do I do?

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