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RefWorks and Other Citation Tools: RefWorks

What is RefWorks?

RefWorks is a Web-based bibliographic citation manager that allows you to create your own personal database of references.  You can use these references in writing papers and automatically format the paper and bibliography in seconds.  RefWorks is freely available to Marymount students, faculty and staff.

Click here to log into the new Refworks.

To get a RefWorks account:

  1.  Go to the Library's homepage and click on Articles and Databases, under Quick Links
  2. Click on the R tab at the top 
  3. Select RefWorks from the list
  4. To set up your account, click on the link, "Sign up for an individual account."  Select a name and password of your choosing.  It is not necessary to use your Marymount ID or email.               

Getting Started

As new references are added to RefWorks, they are placed in the Last Imported folder by default.

To create folders to store references for specific projects, click on the New Folder button at the top

of the page.

On the next screen, type in your folder name and click on Create.


Most databases allow you to mark or save citations to a folder and then export the citations into RefWorks.  See the
Adding References from the Databases page for specific instructions for each database.
After exporting citations into RefWorks, you will be prompted to go to the Last Imported folder.

In the Last Imported folder, you will be able to see your citations and transfer them to a permanent folder.

1.  Select the citations you wish to transfer.   2. Using the drop down box, choose the folder you'd like to place them in.


Open the folder with the references you want to use. 
1.  Switch from "Standard View" to "One Line/Cite View" and 
 2.  Click on the "Cite" icon.
When you are done click on the Bibliography box to format the paper.  Click on Format Paper and Bibliography. 
When the bibliography screen opens, use the drop down box to
1.  Select the Output Style for your paper
2. Indicate the location of the saved paper you wish to format and
3.  Click on the Create Bibliography button. 
RefWorks will create a new document of your formatted paper, with a bibliography.

To create a bibliography, click on the Bibliography button at the top of the page.

A box will open and you will need to select the folder that contains the references you want in your bibliography.  Next, select the Output Style for your citations from the drop down box at the top.  Then select the file type and click on the Create Bibliography button. Refworks will create your bibliography in a new document.

Sometimes a reference will be imported with incorrect information.  Rather than fixing the citation each time you use it, it is better to fix it within RefWorks.  To do this, go to the folder with the incorrect citation.

Click on the Edit icon on the right.
 Make the needed corrections and be sure and click on the Save Reference button when you are done.