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RefWorks and Other Citation Tools: RefWorks 3.0

RefWorks: a two minute lesson

What is RefWorks 3.0?

RefWorks 3.0 allows researchers  to gather, organize, read, and cite their research materials. Plus, the new RefWorks creates an online collaboration space that enables groups to work together from any location. RefWorks is freely available to Marymount students, faculty and staff.

To create a RefWorks account:

1. Click on the link above for RefWorks 3.0

2. Follow the  "Create an account" link to set up your account

3. Use your Marymount email to begin and set a password 

4. Check your MU email for the account activation link               

Contact a Librarian

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  (703) 284-1649


RefWorks Tutorial : an in depth tutorial

Getting Started

As new references are added to RefWorks, they are placed in the Last Imported folder by default.

To create folders to store references for specific projects, click on the My Folders icon, located in the left
sidebar.  Then click on Add a folder.

In the pop up box, type in your folder name and click on Save.


Most databases allow you to mark or save citations to a folder and then export the citations into RefWorks. 
RefWorks will show you an Import Complete Screen.
Click on OK and RefWorks will show a list of your most recent imported citations.  Check the box next to the citations you've imported and then click on the Folder icon in the tab at the top to select which folder you'd like to move them to.
See this page on how to add references from specific databases.
To manually add a reference, click on the + icon and select Create new reference.
When the pane opens up on the right, select what type of reference you wish to add, in order for the
correct fields to display.

After importing a citation, you may wish to attach a copy of the article in RefWorks. 

1.  Within RefWorks, click on the citation you have the article for, and it will appear in the right pane.  Click on the pencil icon to enable editing.

2.  At the top of the box, you can upload the article, if you already have it saved to your computer, or you may search for the article with the 360 Link.

3.  After you click on Save, the article will be attached to the citation.  Click on Read to access it.


Open the folder of citations you wish to use in your bibliography. 

Click on the bibliography icon at the top of the page and select Create bibliography.



A bibliography will be created.  You may change the style using the drop down menu at the top.



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