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Education Abroad: Gain a Global Perspective: International Data

Introduction to Finding International Data

Please see the links below that lead to some basic statistical sources for country background information.

To find comprehensive sources for country profiles, statistics and news, please refer to these Research Guides:

Gapminder Visual Representation of Data

Gapminder uses indicators to create visual representations of the world's trends over time (similar to a short video). View the Gapminder data page to find the indicators along with data providers for citations. View the video below for an example of how Gapminder presents data.

Note: Google now offers Public Data that displays similarly to Gapminder. 

Nation Master

Data Sources for International Information

World Values

World Values Survey (WVS) is a global research project that explores values and beliefs and how they change over time. Surveys have been conducted on over 100 countries. WVS provides downloadable data files that can be used with statistical analysis software (SAS and SPSS). The WVS originated in Europe, but is now comprised of over 100 social-scientists from around the world. The WVS web site contains links to publications using WVS data.

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