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Chicago/Turabian Style Guide: Citing Media and AI Tools

Why Cite

If you refer to images in your paper, it is important to cite them properly just as you would information from textual sources.

This page includes developing guidelines for citing generative artificial intelligence (AI), ChatGPT and related tools.



When citing images, use the format of the source from which the image comes (book, journal, website).  If available, use the artist as the author, the caption as the title, and include the figure number after the page number.  

Image from a Website


Ducreaux, Joseph. "Le Discret, c. 1791, oil on aluminum, transferred from canvas, Spencer Museum of Art." 2017.


1. Ducreaux, Joseph. "Le Discret, c. 1791, oil on aluminum, transferred from canvas, Spencer Museum of Art,"

Citing Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) / ChatGPT / Chatbots

The use of ChatGPT and similar tools may be different for each class. Be sure to ask your course instructor about guidelines for using information generated by ChatGPT and other AI tools in your papers. When permissible to use that information directly in your research, use the suggestions below for citation formats. Also please be knowledgeable of Marymount Resources for Avoiding Plagiarism found on this webpage.

The use of ChatGPT and other AI tools in research papers is an evolving field. New formats will be added to this guide as they become available. Please consult with your teaching faculty or contact your Liaison Librarian for updates or clarification on how to cite these sources.

Additional AI Resources

The University of Victoria library provides this page for guidance on citing images created by using several of the most popular programs.

Citing Media

Once you get the hang of it, citing your sources will be the easiest part of completing your research papers and assignments. However, citing unusual sources like multimedia and different types of social media can sometimes be tricky. One reason is that these new types of media are now so accessible, the style guidelines are just starting to catch up.

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