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Interior Design Program Guide: Books


You can search for books (yes, actual books!) in MULibrary Search and you can borrow print books from the libraries in the WRLC! Follow the instructions below for borrowing from other libraries.

If you need help finding or accessing a book, contact a librarian.

Loan Periods

Need to borrow a laptop for class? Planning a game night with board games? Need to know how long you can borrow a book for? Check out our loan periods chart! You can find all the materials we loan out and how long you can borrow them by clicking on the link below!

Call Number Areas for Browsing

Interested in browsing the shelves books for interior design books but don't know exactly what you're looking for? Below is the Library of Congress Classification Headings. If you need help contact a librarian (we love books!).

NA Architecture
NK Decorative Arts
NK 460 - 1380, 2800 - 9700 Antiques and Decorative Arts
NK 1140 – 1142 Arts and Crafts Movement
NK 1710 History
NK 2116 Careers
NK 2115, 1548 Color
NK 2195 Commercial / Restaurants / Shops
NK 1160 – 1700 Design History, Patterns and Theory

Interior Designers and Design
NK 2002 – 2004 American
NK 2042 – 2062 European
NK 2078 – 2110 Asian, African, Oceanic
NK 2110 Residential
NK 2115.5 Lighting
NK 2117 Rooms, Specific
NK 2205 – 2770 Furniture

LB  Theory and practice of education
LB 3201-3325 School architecture and equipment. School physical facilities. Campus planning.

RA Public Aspects of Medicine
RA 960-1000.5 Medical centers. Hospitals. Dispensaries. Clinics. Including nursing homes, hospices.

TH1-9745  Building construction

TH2025-3000  Details in building design and construction. Including walls, roofs

TH4021-4977  Buildings: Construction with reference to use. Including public buildings, dwellings

TH6014-6081 Environmental engineering of buildings. Sanitary engineering of buildings

TH7700-7975 Illumination. Lighting

TH8001-8581 Decoration and decorative furnishings


How to borrow from other libraries - it's free!

1. Once you have located a book in MULibrary Search, click on the title to open the full record.

2. Under 'How to get it' you will be prompted to log in to your account (use the same credentials you use to access Canvas and your MU email). 


3.  Once you're logged in select the 'Request Materials' option.


4. Review the CLS form (be sure to set the pick up location and date not needed after)  and click 'Send Request'.  You will receive an email when your book is ready to be picked up.