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Interior Design Program Guide: Literature Review

A Literature Review

Academic research often begins with a literature review, or a Lit Review. One might call a literature review in history a "secondary literature review" since it typically means a review of the secondary literature on your topic. 

In a literature review, you try to answer the question, "what have other scholars already said about this topic?"  and you will respond in some way to what has already been said.  When you reach the final stage of your research -- writing up your conclusions and making your own argument -- you will want to show how your analysis relates to previous interpretations.

1. To begin this process, you want to find as many books and articles as you can on your topic. Start by looking for books that Marymount has; then move to the rest of the WRLC and then see what is available in Worldcat or the Library of Congress.

2. Use library databases for your article searches

3. Examine the bibliographies of the items you have already located and look for books and articles that they cited that you do not yet have.

Selected Titles in Print

Selected eBook titles