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Interior Design Program Guide: Images


There are multiple trustworthy source you can search for images of buildings, floors plans, etc.  In addition there are directions on how to conduct a reverse image search in order to find refutable sources for online images.  If you are struggling finding an image don't hesitate to contact a librarian!

Websites for images

Reverse Google Image Searching

If you have located an image online and would like to find out if it is available on a reputable site (like those listed above) you can do a reverse image search in Google.  Conducting this search will list all of the websites that contain an image. This is especially helpful if you are using images from Pinterest and need to find the original source of the image.

1st: Go to Google images and click on the camera to search by image.

2. Choose the ‘Upload an image’ option and then upload the image.

3. Browse results for an academically appropriate source.